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Information and research are the proper instruments for investors because they need them to avoid taking unnecessary risks by investing unthinkingly.

Going on with an investment without prior research or accurate and up-to-date information is not an advisable move in the world of cryptocurrency.

Investors are usually very patient and attentive to any little information or change in the market in trading cryptocurrencies; this is unsurprising because many things can influence cryptocurrency prices on a whim, as cryptocurrency costs are notoriously volatile. Over the years, people have been coming up with many ideas to create trading tools that will help reduce the risk in investing and improve the profitability of investors.

One such tool is the crypto calculator, which is a broad term encompassing the different calculators for crypto trading, but the focus of this article will be on the crypto conversion calculator.

What is a Crypto Conversion Calculator

For this article, the crypto calculator we are referring to is the crypto conversion calculator. The crypto conversion calculator is a tool that shows the conversion rate of one cryptocurrency to another or a traditional fiat currency.

In the cryptocurrency world, where different coins are being traded here and there, this is a handy tool for investors who don’t want to incur any loss from transactions. There is no way to be sure of crypto prices by yourself, you need this tool, and you need it every step of the way, before trading, while trading, and even after trading. Not an exaggeration, as the price might show signs of fluctuation right before your trade, and the crypto calculator can help you decide whether to proceed with the transaction or delay it.


Advantages of a Crypto Calculator

The crypto calculator was made to manage the high-risk, high-reward nature of cryptocurrencies, and they provide the following advantages for investors:

Real-time Updates: Crypto calculators are synced to data and research websites, which will feed them up-to-date data on cryptocurrency prices. The prices are updated in real time as the changes occur.

Trading Decisions: Crypto conversion calculators can help investors make more informed decisions by facilitating analysis of potential gains and losses from transacting cryptocurrency.

Comparative Analysis: By providing information on different cryptocurrencies, the crypto calculator can help investors compare and analyze the price and value of one coin to another to help evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Convenience: The crypto calculator was made mainly to make calculations much more effortless. You don’t need to do manual calculations, as the crypto calculator has simple and more effortless ways to do that.

Portfolio Assessment: The crypto calculator is also handy for assessing the value of your cryptocurrency holdings. Crypto profit calculators make you more comfortable when setting up your portfolio.

Global Transaction: Since the crypto calculator also provides conversion rates for other traditional currencies, traders should no longer be afraid to trade in different currencies.

All these and more are the advantages of using a crypto conversion calculator. A crypto conversion calculator is not that much of a complicated tool, so it only contains a few components;


Components of a Crypto Conversion Calculator

  • The Source Currency Selector: This is where you choose the currency you want to convert from.
  • The Target Currency Selector: This is where you choose the currency you want to convert to.
  • The Amount Input Field: This is where you input the conversion amount for the source currency.
  • Conversion Result Display: This area is where the system will display the converted amount; for the target currency.



Plasbit is a multipurpose cryptocurrency platform, and if we are talking about pure utility, then it is the best on this recommendation list. Think of it as a ‘jack-of-all-trade master of all’ type of exchange platform. They have a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, their security is top-notch, and they are a privacy-focused platform.

They host a lot of crypto calculators and other widgets on their website, one of which is the crypto conversion calculator. PlasBit crypto conversion calculator has a simple interface but a lot of features.

They have data on over 50 cryptocurrencies and support conversions to significant currencies in different continents, including Australian dollars.

Other services by PlasBit include their multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that can hold more than one type of coin. The advantage this gives is that you can manage all your coins in one place.

PlasBit also offers crypto debit cards, which work just like your usual debit and credit cards. You can use them for payment online or offline at any POS and merchant.

You can even use it for ATM withdrawals. Then there is the PlasBit transfer which supports more than 130 countries worldwide. You don’t have to worry too much about international client transactions.


CoinMarketCap is one of the relatively well-known crypto data platforms. They have a very long list of crypto coin listings, which is an excellent tool for getting information on which coins are doing well and which ones aren’t.

Their conversion calculator, however, is also on the simple side. The feature is simple enough; you select your source coin from their list, input the amount, choose the target coin, and get your result. As an added function, thisCoinMarketCap can also serve as a currency converter since the crypto converter allows you to select a fiat currency as your source coin and target coin; this is a convenient way for users whose deals in other currencies before converting to their own to get information on just how much they will be making.


CoinGecko converter features are extensive because they created a separate box for inputting the amount instead of using it as a drop-down like most crypto conversion calculators.

However, this doesn’t diminish its function one bit. They also support most cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies; if you don’t find what you want in their list, search for it.

CoinGecko prices, however, are not updated in real-time; it is assumed that they do so when there is a change to the prices, unlike other platforms that update them in real-time.


Get up-to-the-minute coin updates on cryptocurrency conversion rates with Coinmama.

They are a crypto trading platform, so it is no surprise they must be current on their prices. Coinmama offers over 50 types of coins and currencies.

They tailored all their features making cryptocurrency trading and purchases easy.


This Cryptoconvertapp is the only application-based crypto conversion calculator to make it to this list. Users may need something they can access even without a network connection.

Cryptoconvertapp serves as a crypto conversion calculator and an asset tracker. It has a conversion tool and a portfolio tracker built into it, so you can monitor your holdings and figure out how they are doing anytime.

They support over a thousand cryptocurrencies and 130 fiat currencies, which is huge for a mobile app. They also have a section called the movers and shakers, which mainly gives information on which coins are doing well and which ones are diminishing and are always within a set period.

The downside is this app is only available on Android for now.


The importance of a crypto calculator cannot be overemphasized. It provides many opportunities for traders and investors to analyze the market and seek potential opportunities. They provide valuable information and remain one of the most critical tools for crypto trading. The crypto conversion calculator is not a very deep tool. As a result, many of them are out there on the web and app stores. We have analyzed their strengths and weaknesses and given you the five recommended crypto conversion calculators above.

Of all five, our top recommendation is the PlasBit crypto conversion calculator for its simplicity and the fact that the platform will offer many more uses.

They have nine other crypto trading tools to play with while researching the market. Their multi-coin wallet is a plus, as you can now manage all your coins in one place.

Their crypto debit card offers more financial freedom, as they can help you make online and offline payments, and they transfer their privacy features. There is just a lot of plus about this website, and you should try it out.

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