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The complexity of the cryptocurrency market does not make investing any better. Many things can trip up an investor’s plan and derail whatever arrangements they already have, which is why you can’t be too prepared when trading cryptocurrencies.

Traders and investors constantly have to work around the clock seeking investment opportunities that can yield huge profits, and what better way to quickly get more information and market analysis than with the crypto coin list widget? There are indeed many crypto trading tools out there, but one of the main tools for crypto traders would be this coin list, and why is that?

Because the coin list contains most, if not all, of the basic information that an investor would need to further research and analyze the market, basic information, such as those provided by the coin list widget, is what traders and investors need to start going.

The info sets a form of groundwork on which they begin their plans. Like which coins to monitor, study patterns of coins, and decide whether to be patient or take a risk, there is so much utility on this coin list widget, but what exactly is it?


What is a Coin List Widget?

A crypto coin list widget is a trading tool that compiles the different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets currently available in the crypto market. Think of it as a comprehensive list indexing all the essential information about all cryptocurrencies traded in the crypto space.

It is a data aggregator since it has information on most cryptocurrencies traded. It gives an investor a broader view of the market, with information such as the real-time prices of the different coins, the trading volumes within a set period, and the market capitalization.

Advanced coin lists are genuinely a gem because some of them go as far as providing you with more detailed information like the changes that happened recently, maybe an increase or decrease in coin value, and the historical chart of a selected coin; this will allow traders and investors to track and trace patterns that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What are these features and their functions?


Features of a Coin List Widget

There are different coin list widgets on the internet, while some are application based; as such, we can find that they all have features that set that apart.

However, the following is the basic information that you can always expect in a typical coin list.


Coin Name and Ticker Symbol

You need the coin name and its ticker symbol to identify them. With over twenty thousand coins in existence, more going obsolete, and more coming into existence, it can take much work to keep track.

The coin list will give you basic information about their logo and ticker symbol, can recognize them even without the name.


Real-time Price

One of the primary uses of the crypto coin list widget is to get a real-time coin price.

The fact that it can display a long list of cryptocurrencies means that you can also get the real-time prices of multiple coins effortlessly.

Some crypto coin lists will take time to update, while most advanced coin list widgets are instantaneous.


Market Capitalization

Another market data provided by the coin list widget is market capitalization.

The market cap refers to the total value of the coin in the market, and it does this by multiplying the coin’s currency price with the amount of said coin in circulation.

The market cap is one of the essential information for investors to have beforehand.


Price Change

The price change is measured in percentage, and it reflects how much of a difference happened in the pricing of a coin within a specific period.

It can be within 24 hours, seven days, etc. At the same time, most crypto coin lists will usually go for the 24-hour change to keep up-to-date information.


24-Hour Trading Volume

The trading volume measures how much activity has been going on around a particular.

Referring to how much of it was acquired, how much was traded, and its liquidity, all within 24 hours.

The trading volume can impact things like prices, an essential aspect investors note.


Price Chart

Unlike the price change, which is a percentage calculation of how much the prices changed, the price chart is a historical chart that highlights the journey, the highs and lows, and the price fluctuations of the coin within a period.

Having a crypto coin list that can display as far back as seven days of the price chart is optimal so that you can monitor the pattern, and who knows, you might find something.

Why Should You Use a Crypto Coin List?

  • It provides you with a quick overview of the market data. All information is contained on one page, and you can quickly glance through it, saving time and effort in searching around the web.
  • It serves as an educational and research tool for investors and traders. Whether you are looking through with the intent of investing immediately or just monitoring coin prices for a better investment opportunity for future investment, the coin list is a vital tool to base your research on.
  • For users with multiple cryptocurrency holdings, nothing brings more convenience than a crypto coin list that lets you monitor the performances of all your assets in one place.
  • An overview of multiple coins at once will give investors insights into which opportunity is more appealing. To that end, the crypto coin list helps in decision-making.

These are why a crypto coin list is such an indispensable tool.

However, choosing the best one might be a tall task with all the exchange platforms having their crypto coin list. So, here are our recommendations



PlasBit is a cryptocurrency platform that offers various services, all of which contribute to their clients’ ease of use and convenience. For example, using cold storage to store a client’s fund offline so there is no risk of it being lost or stolen in a cyberattack puts the client’s mind at rest.

They also host a total of nine different widgets for users to do research into the market. Their coin list is one of the prominent ones.

PlasBit coin list works a bit differently than others on this list, contributing to its uniqueness and why it is on top of our list.

Unlike most crypto coin lists, PlasBit doesn’t bombard you with the complete list of all coins available but allows you to customize the list to your taste and standard.

You start with a blank list, then continue adding the coins you would like, you can add as much as you can, and it will be displayed on the coin list widget.


CoinMarketCap serves as a market data and analysis platform, so you can expect a lot to come from this site.

They also have many crypto trading tools to aid you in your trades, but their crypto coin list is one of the most comprehensive you can ever find.

Supporting over nine thousand coins and still counting, you get all other information like the trading volume and market cap, and they have price changes in the one hour and twenty-four mark as well; this can give for more in-depth research and a more insightful decision-making process.

If the coin list is too bulky, there is a categorization option to filter out the unnecessary ones. Their customization option lets you view a 30-day price change, 60 days, and even one year.


Cryptocompare is one of the more lightweight crypto coin lists. Lightweight means you don’t get exposed to too much information meant for experienced minds, i.e.,

Cryptocompare is more suited for beginners, as they have a simple yet intuitive interface that caters to the need of both beginners and experienced crypto traders. Their description of the parameters is a bit easier to understand as well as they have the usual market cap, 7-day price chart, and trading volume, and then they added other information like the top tier volume; which is the total volume change in top-tier exchange platforms, the total volume; which is the volume change across known exchange platforms, and the direct volume; which is the volume change in selected currency and all of the volumes are based on the 24-hour mark.

Live Coin Watch

Who says more isn’t necessarily better? With tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, finding a cryptocurrency platform that can name every one of them is challenging.

However, being able to find twenty-eight thousand cryptocurrencies is no small feat. Live coin watch is a crypto price and charts platform offering portfolio tracking features.

The number of coins in their list is astronomical and even more surprising is how they could keep all prices and volume changes up to date and in real-time.

Apart from the usual information we are used to seeing on the typical crypto coin list, they also provide miscellaneous yet necessary information like the trending coins, the most upvoted coins, and the newcomers.

Information like this is beneficial if you want to capitalize that a coin is doing well or see an attractive new coin. The sheer amount of information can make anyone swoon, so this is only for experienced crypto traders who can brave the sea of random noises on the website.


Crypto coin lists are an indispensable tool, as we are sure you must have realized throughout this article, having introduced you to the tool in general, its components and features, and its advantages.

Our four recommendations, PlasBit, CoinMarketCap, Live Coin watch, and CryptoCompare, were all chosen based on what they could offer.

If we are to recommend one of these to go for, then choose PlasBit. They have the most to offer regarding services and flexibility in holding and trading cryptocurrency. You can get all these in just one place.

They have a crypto wallet with multi-coin features, meaning you can hold, manage and spend more than one coin in the same wallet.

They have a crypto debit card linked to this wallet, bringing more convenience and financial freedom when spending.

Transfers are also impeccable, with over 130 countries still counting. You also enjoy the features of other widgets apart from the coin list.

So, what are you waiting for? Change your decision-making for the better today with the crypto coin list tool.

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